MYP1-4 Learning from Home

IMPORTANT: 'Learning from Home' does not replace coming to school.
The MYP Campus is open and classes are running as per a normal schedule.

For those of you currently at home, from week 14 your teachers will start opening up parts of your learning through ‘virtual classrooms’. You will be able to ‘go to class’, find instructions, activities to complete, assessments and sometimes links to live classes. Teachers will do this for you in a variety of ways and to different degrees. Some teachers will interact with you through a live streamed class and others will set tasks for you in your ‘virtual classroom’.

Teachers cannot offer those of you at home the full range of education as face-to-face learning in school is still the primary focus of staff. Please try not to overwhelm your teachers with questions via email and in live chats. They will get to you eventually but have to prioritize the students in their classes first.

Guidelines if you are at home:
  • Follow your normal timetable.
  • Go to class in Managebac or in Google classroom.
  • Inform yourself carefully of teachers’ instructions before you ask questions and then take action.
  • Collaborate with others when you can.
  • Hand in tasks on time.
  • Check Managebac daily for tasks, homework, summative assessments and messages.
  • Act on feedback given.
Where is my lesson?

You will ‘go to class’ either in Managebac or in Google classrooms. Your teachers have made a list for you which you can find below:

List with teachers, classes and codes.


Attendance is taken for students present in school but not for students at home. Parents are to report through Skola 24 when children are sick or absent.

Google Classroom


Support Contacts

Mr. Michiel van der Gragt


Phone: 073-377 00 64

Mr. Patrick Mac Aulay


Phone: 042-10 57 05

Mrs. Pernilla Rankin


Phone: 042-10 57 05

The school counsellors at ISH will still provide their services to all students, parents and teachers even if the school is closed. You can use any of the ways listed below to get in contact with us.

Queenie Frelin: School Counsellor - MYP & DP

  • Phone: 072-974 78 12 – message or call me, please leave a message if I do not answer.
  • Email: – send an email or add me on Skype.
  • Possibility for Facetime.

Bibbi Pedersen: School Counsellor - PYP

  • Phone: 0708- 69 39 06 – message or call me, please leave a message if I do not answer.
  • Email: – send an email or add me on Skype.
  • Possibility for Facetime.

Madeleine Kisthinios-Conradi: School Nurse - MYP & DP

Lotta Håkansson: School Nurse - PYP

All other information and updates for parents and students at the International School of Helsingborg can be found on our ISH app.

The ISH app is our primary channel of communication for all school news and important information.

The app is available for download on iOS and Android devices (search for ISH Helsingborg)

The app can also be viewed through your web-browser.